Thursday, January 04, 2024


OF WORLD PEACE It is heartening to note, That the Indian PM's name, Hath been recommended, For establishing World Peace ! "My chariots shall not be bloody, Till the earth records my name", Said the conscientious Buddha, As he renounced War. Milton averred " Peace hath her victories, No less renouned than War " ! Man's essential nature is Peace, War is only an abnormality ! How can a Nation which declares Peace, Aum Shanti, Shanti, advocate War ? From the ethical, moral angle, Peace gets Fame, and War notoriety ! Love cognised is Truth Love in action is Non VIolence Love as pure Being is Wisdom Love as Feeling is Peace. Yet, many believe that war is a necessity biologic, An outlet for the human desire to compete and excel ! Conquest by force is only half victory, True victory is conquest by Love ! Harmony has to be established, And perfection worked out. We have to effectuate the Divine, In a conflicting and contradicting world ! We have been instructed, To rise from Non Being to Being, Asado Ma Sad Gamaya, And to rise from Darkness to Light. In other words, From the Negative to the Positive. But we have a big problem here, As we are confronted by qualities negative ! We have seen Death, But not Immortality ! Mrutyor Ma Amritam Gamaya, Appears to be difficult ! Death, Non Being, Ignorance, Darkness, adversity, disease, All these we have seen, But never experienced the Positive ! Qualties Negative, Are merely the first terms of the Formula, Unintellible to us, Till we work out its esoteric terms ! These qualities negative, Are merely initial discords Of the Musician's symphony, Didnt He create a world miserable ? That too deliberately flawing perfection, Of His Own Creation ? The discords of the world are Lord's discords, To unfold the Godhead within us? The tormenting Evil is He, As well as the Redeeming Grace ! Oru Kai Praharikkave Maru Kai kondu thalodum Easwaran ! Only when we have an integral vision, Can we see beyond all masks, The serene and lovely face, Of the All Blissful Godhead ! His tests test our imperfection, True friemd is He and Heart, the Teacher ! Mind is the greatest Guru, And world, the true Book ! Let us be what the Seer Poets recommended, What Lord Krishna recommended to Arjuna, Realised souls viewing Becoming, Under the metaphor of Being ! Let us rise from Death to Self Realisation, From the Darkness of Nescience to Light Supernal, From the mirage of Non Being to True Being, Thus fulfilling that eternal Prayer Asato Ma Sadgamaya ! Did not Bhagavan Aurobindo, Say that Strive and thou shalt have ? Trust and thy trust shall be justified ? That the Divine Crown is within our reach ? That we have to overcome the Negative, And reach the Positive ! And Implement Positivity, Then only shall the world be redeemed ! The Kingdom of Heaven, Is both worldly and transworldly To implement this Rama Rajya, India, US and Russia exist !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Guruvayur Website !

Amongst the Four Yogas, Bhakti Yoga or Bridal Mysticism is revered.

BM reduces Ego ! In B M, the statement is "I am Thine" and not " I Am that I Am" !

So we have stated a B M site for students, who want to learn spirituality. Guruvayur4u

This site deals with the esoteric meaning behind Mythology. Mythology is allegorical, the depiction of eternal verities through stories. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

India, the home of the most profound knowledge !

Dr Robert Keith Wallace, the ex President of Maharshi International
University, Fairfield, Iowa said this when he came to India

It is appropriate to recognise India as the home of the most profound
knowledge and the procedures fro the development of Physiology.

In his "Neurophysiology of Enlightenment", he remarks " What the ancients
meant by Supreme Knowledge, Jnana, was a state of perfect order, Zero
Entropy" !

May his soul rest in peace ! 

The Scientia Prima, the First Science, the Vedanta Sastra !

The First Science, the Scientia Prima

All sciences study Being.

Physics is the Science of Being as Matter.
Mathematics is the Science of Being as Numbers.
Chemistry is the Science of Being as Qualities
Biology is the Science of Being as Life.

But the Scientia Prima, the First Science, Vedanta Sastra, is the Science of Being as Being, in its pure state. And in its pure state, it is as Absolute Being !

And what is the Absolute ? It is one immutably homogenous Infinite.

The Universe has no center or circumference. It would have had a circumference, if it had a center. Since the Universe has no center or circumference, and since it could not be enclosed in any center or circumference, it would be unintelligible, without Being, without the Absolute, as the Center and the Circumference.

The Philosophia Prima, the First Philosophy, was the name given by Locke to Ontology and later by Hobbes to Metaphysics !

In our terminology, this is the First Science, the Scientia Prima, the Adi Sastra, the Prathama Sastra, the Vedanta Sastra !

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Pagan Roots of Environmentalism

All talk about Environmentalism derived from Paganism. Dasa putro sama druma - One tree = Ten sons, averr the Veda.

Trees are carbon storage units, they absorb Co2 and give out Oxygen. Trees and water reservoirs enable Evapotranpiration in the Water Cycle. Trees are very important and no wonder our ancestors, who lived in harmony with Nature, hailed trees as sons !

Today is the World Envrionment Day. Let us plant trees and go green !

It is said of Kerala that She is a state clad in a green Silk Saree, Pacha Pattudutha Keralam. So magnificently has Nature landscaped her in greenish hue. The primary cause of this phenomenon is that she gets 3 Monsoons, the South West, The North East and the Summer Monsoons. She gets more than 3000 mm rains per year. The definition of a desert is a place which gets less than 250 mm rains annually. No wonder Koppen, the German climatologist, called her Tropical Wet  and one of the best rainfall areas in India ! The entire Malabar Belt of 825 km gets these three Monsoon and is green !

Have you heard of Zen Singing Bowls ? Tibetan Singing Bowl ? Handicraft masterpieces from Nepal and Tibet ? The Himalayan Expanse, famous as the "Root of the World", is characterised by mysterious Mysticism and home to instruments of Meditation and Relaxation ! We at tibet  provide some of the finest handicrafts from the Roof Top of the World. These places have profound religious significance for both Hinduism and Buddhism. We feature many fair trade items from Asia including Malas, Clear Quartz Singing Bowls, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tibetan Herbal Incense, Ceramic Singing Bowls, Tingsha Meditation Chimes, Gongs, Bells and Dorjes, Natural Handmade Soap, Mala Prayer Beads,Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Spouting Bowls, Hand Carved Wood Masks, Himalayan Singing Bowls,  Tibetan Singing Bowls, Yoga and Meditation Supplies, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Brass and Bronze Statues, Japanese Singing Bowls and many other unique handicrafts at wholesale prices.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Quantum Mystic !

The Road to Reality 

A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe
by Sir Roger Penrose 

Sir Roger Penrose is a genius. He has made lasting contributions to Cosmology, Philosophy and Mathematics. He collaborated with Hawking in unravelling many problems in Cosmology. He shared the Wolf Prize in Physics with Hawking. He is the author of the Twister Theory, which maps geometrical object into four dimensional space time. He invented the spin network, which came to form the geometry of space time in the Loop Quantum Theory, a theory which explains all the forces in Nature.

His major books are

The Emperor's New Mind
The Large, small and the Human Mind
Shadows of the Mind.

The first book explains that human consciousness cannot be explained from the laws of Science. Human Consciousness transcends formal logic as in the case of mathematical or intuitive insights. The Epheral nature of Consciousness implies a quantum process in the brain. Mind resides in this quantum domain.

His books have created a paradigm shift in human thinking. He is another exponent of Quantum Mysticism !

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sevenfold Ignorance !

Man is 'blessed' with seven types of ignorance. 

Cosmic Ignorance 

Ignorant we are about the origin, purpose and becoming of our existence in this Cosmos.

Absolute Ignorance

The Absolute is the source of all being and becoming. and we are ignorant of the Absolute.

Egotistic Ignorance

Egotistic Ignorance is that we are ignorant of the spaceless timeless and immortal self. We have only a short life.

Temporal Ignorance

We are ignorant of our eternal becoming in time; that is the fourth temporal ignorance.

Psychological Ignorance

This prevents us from knowing who we really are.

Constitutional Ignorance

We are also ignorant of the true constitution of our becoming..

Practical Ignorance

Because of greed and fear, we commit many a blunder and this is our Practical Ignorance.

We have to transcend this sevenfold Ignorance and rise to Integral Knowledge, which is needed for Enlightenment.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Three Definitions

The definitions of Mind, Overmind & Supermind in Aurobindonian Dialectic

Mind ( Mana )

Mind is a clumsy interlude between Nature's vast and precise subconscient action and the vaster and infallible superconscient action of the Godhead.... There is nothing Mind can do which cannot be better done by the Mind's immobility of thought free stillness.

Overmind ( Vijnana )

In its power of origination and in the process of its executive dynamis, Overmind is the vast organiser of many potentialities of existence, a magician craftsman empowered to weave the multi colored warp and woof of manifestation of a single entity in a complex universe.

Supermind ( Prajnana )

Supermind is the Alpha and the Omega, the instrument of all unification, of all origination, originative, executive and consummative in all realised and realisable harmonies !