Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Lunar Calendar !


Vaisakha is the second month of the Hindu Lunar Calender.

The Full Moon of Vrishabha ( Taurus ) occurs near the constellation Beta Librae (Vishakha ) and hence is called Vaishakha. It begins from April 21 and ends on May 20.

Vaishakha... begins from today, the New Moon of April. The Sikh Harverst Festival, Baisakhi, is celebrated this month. It is the second month of the Tamil Solar Calender.

The Full Moon of Vaisakha is celebrated as Buddha Pournima or the birthday of Lord Buddha.

In Guruvayur, the Holy Month of Vaisakha begins. Pilgrims from TN, Karnataka and AP rush to Guruvayur to have a glimpse of the Lord during this Holy Month.

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