Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Quantum Mystic !

The Road to Reality 

A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe
by Sir Roger Penrose 

Sir Roger Penrose is a genius. He has made lasting contributions to Cosmology, Philosophy and Mathematics. He collaborated with Hawking in unravelling many problems in Cosmology. He shared the Wolf Prize in Physics with Hawking. He is the author of the Twister Theory, which maps geometrical object into four dimensional space time. He invented the spin network, which came to form the geometry of space time in the Loop Quantum Theory, a theory which explains all the forces in Nature.

His major books are

The Emperor's New Mind
The Large, small and the Human Mind
Shadows of the Mind.

The first book explains that human consciousness cannot be explained from the laws of Science. Human Consciousness transcends formal logic as in the case of mathematical or intuitive insights. The Epheral nature of Consciousness implies a quantum process in the brain. Mind resides in this quantum domain.

His books have created a paradigm shift in human thinking. He is another exponent of Quantum Mysticism !

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