Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sevenfold Ignorance !

Man is 'blessed' with seven types of ignorance. 

Cosmic Ignorance 

Ignorant we are about the origin, purpose and becoming of our existence in this Cosmos.

Absolute Ignorance

The Absolute is the source of all being and becoming. and we are ignorant of the Absolute.

Egotistic Ignorance

Egotistic Ignorance is that we are ignorant of the spaceless timeless and immortal self. We have only a short life.

Temporal Ignorance

We are ignorant of our eternal becoming in time; that is the fourth temporal ignorance.

Psychological Ignorance

This prevents us from knowing who we really are.

Constitutional Ignorance

We are also ignorant of the true constitution of our becoming..

Practical Ignorance

Because of greed and fear, we commit many a blunder and this is our Practical Ignorance.

We have to transcend this sevenfold Ignorance and rise to Integral Knowledge, which is needed for Enlightenment.

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